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Residential & Commercial


Dlux Air Conditioning Service Work
Service / Repair 

Dlux Air offers product knowledge of all manufactures, and types of air
conditioning plant. From a single high wall split to VRF heat recovery. Dlux’s asset and maintenance software will ensure your asset(s) are looked after, logged and accounted for. A 12 step breakdown process ensures accountability and keeps the client informed from start to finish.

Dlux Air Conditioning Installation

Dlux air has the most skilled installers in Perth. We can complete any project no matter how small or intricate. Dlux Air’s standards are always rising ensuring
complete satisfaction is delivered to its clients. Dlux technician’s take ownership of every aspect of their job and have the motto  “good enough is NOT good enough, it must be better”.

Dlux Air Conditioning Maintenance

Dlux Air offers complete scheduled maintenance from a single unit in a
residential dwelling to multiple fixed plant with detailed testing to ensure breakdowns are kept to a minimum. Dlux Air’s asset and maintenance software system logs plant and assets to keep track of its performance. Detailed maintenance reports are provided at the end of each service that outlines the status of your equipment and your next service. 


Dlux Air Conditioning Services provides Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning solutions to the Residential, Commercial, and Industrial sectors.

Dlux Air's wide client base ranges from Esperance to Karratha and Off shore, enabling it’s services to be diversified across WA.

Dlux Air strives to deliver a complete product service from start to finish and is very fluid in
working with its clients enabling it to scale its services according to the client’s needs.


Dlux Air has working knowledge of various HV & AC systems available on the market. Hence we are able to offer the most cost effective solution for your heating and cooling needs. 

Dlux Air’s staff are extremely skilled in all areas of the industry.

Dlux Air is committed to providing a safe workplace - Hence all staff are are extremely skilled in all areas of heating, cooling and ventilation.


Dlux Air is committed to training and development. Dlux Air is committed to a learning environment with linkage to  MEGT and Carlisle Polytechnic West to ensure training is delivered and certified to a high standard.






For any enquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 08 9468 3280 or fill out the following form

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Tel: 08 9468 3280

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