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Occupational Health and Safety 

Dlux Air’s responsibility is to ensure all workplaces and sites are safe and accident free for all employees, subcontractors, customers and visitors. Dlux Air complies with safe workplace practices and all staff are trained to adhere to such practices. Dlux Air proactively identifies any issues that may arise with the potential to harm life, health or property. 


Dlux Air provides a safe and hazard free place of work and ensure all their employees have the appropriate training in OH&S and hold applicable licenses required to perform their duties. 


Regular inspections of the workplace by managers and supervisors are carried out to determine what hazards if any, exist in the workplace. Inspections involve consultation with supervisors and employees and are reported to management. 


Dlux Air Occupational Health & Safety Policy is contained within this document. 


Obligations of Employees 


All employees and sub-contractors of Dlux Air, whilst at work, must- 


• Follow health and safety instructions given by Dlux Air as an employer or, on a construction 
site, by the principal contractor. 

• Take reasonable care for his or her own safety. 

• Not deliberately put the health and safety of another person’s at risk. 

• Willfully or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided for health and safety. 

• Use personal protective equipment provided for them in the manner in which they have been 


Alcohol and Drug Policy 
Dlux Air is comitted to providing a safe work place for all employees, sucontractors and visitors. 
All employees of Dlux Air must not be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol in the workplace unless, in the case of drugs, are legitimate medical reasons for their use and are substaniated by a medical practicioner. 
If an employee or subcontractor arrives for work under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol they will be considered unfit for work. 
It is the employees and subcontractors responsibility to carry out their duties and responsibilities in a safe manner with a legal obligation to be in a fit state for work and to work safely. 
Dlux Air is committed to having appropriate testing for all employees and subcontactors who may by under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol including maintaining policies and procedures to ensure a safe workplace. 

Occupational Safety and Health Policy 


“Dlux Air is committed to providing a safe work environment.” 


Dlux Air’s Management, Employees and Contractors have a duty of care including the responsibility to work safely, to take all reasonable care for their own health and safety, and to consider the health and safety of other people who may be affected by their actions. 
Dlux Air is committed to; 
• Complying with applicable safety and health legislation, regulations and codes of conduct 

• Providing safe work place including equipment and plant 

• Ensuring a Safety Management System is in effect and regularly reviewed for currency 

• Ensure all management, employees and contractors understand their rights and 

obligations with regard to Safety and Health 

• Provide appropriate training for Safety and Health 

• Maintain a positive safety first culture within the workplace 

• Ensure all incidents and injuries are actioned appropriately 

Quality Management 

Quality Management Statement 
Dlux Air Quality Management system manages the processes that affect the quality of services 
provided to its clients. 
This level of quality is achieved through implementation of procedures that reflect the competence of Dlux Air to both existing clients and potential clients. 


To achieve and maintain the required level of assurance, Dlux Air’s Directors retain responsibility for the Quality Management Process. 


The objectives of Quality Management are: 


• To maintain effective Quality Management policies and procedures on all works completed. 

• To achieve and maintain a level of quality which enhances the Company's reputation with existing and potential clients. 

• To ensure compliance with relevant statutory and safety requirements. 


Environmental Management 


Dlux Air is committed to ensuring measures are identified and implemented with regard to Environmental legislation. 
Dlux Air’s staff are trained to ensure all waste items, materials and loose articles are not left on site and are instead disposed of in the required manner. 
Dlux Air is committed to considering the environment in all business activities and complies 
with all relevant legislation and regulations pertaining to the environment. 

Energy Management/Reductions 
Dlux Air encourages client education with regard to excessive energy consumption. 
Energy efficiency of new equipment is considered before recommending and ensuring operating and efficiency data is submitted for approval prior to equipment being installed. 


Dlux Air offers an energy efficiency service tailored specifically for the Refrigeration Air Conditioning the industry. 


Regular maintenance on equipment is recommended to encourage peak performance, increase longevity and prevent breakdowns and costly down time. 
By having regular maintenance of HVAC equipment, you are taking the first steps to reducing energy usage in your facility. 

Dlux Air offers energy maintenance site reports and recommendations for specific sites equipment energy usage and upgrades assisting with the costs of ongoing energy and budgets. 

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